Demi Vollering wins on the Donostia boulevard and takes the first txapela in the history of the Itzulia Women.

  • Hat-Trick for Demi Vollering who wins the third stage of the Itzulia Women after a very hard ride.
  • Demi Vollering wins the Itzulia Women 2022 and takes the first txapela in the history of the race.

The third stage of the Itzulia Women 2022 arrived with 139.8 km to go, following the same route as the Clásica San Sebastián. The riders’ concentration was evident at the start of what would be a very tough day.

The first kilometres were very busy with lots of attacks, but it was not until the 26th kilometre that Marit Raaijmakers (HPW, 112) and Giorgia Bariani (TOP, 171) achieved the first breakaway of the day. As the kilometres went by, several groups of riders formed between the head of the race and the peloton, including Naia Amondarain (SWT, 203) from Guipuzcoa. Around kilometre 56, the first chase caught up with the two stage leaders to form a group comprising: Marit Raaijmakers (HPW, 112), Margaux Vigie (VAL, 121), Giorgia Bariani (TOP, 171), Morgane Coston (ARK, 182) and Naia Amondarain (SWT, 203). They achieved a maximum distance of almost 5 minutes.

The Jaizkibel climb was key for the peloton and reduced the gap. The breakaway ended up with just Morgane Coston (ARK, 182) at 1’40” after the descent to Hondarribia. Jelena Eric (MOV, 58) also tried after the descent and managed to open a gap with the peloton. Behind, Tereza Neumanova (LIV, 33), Nina Buijsman (HPW, 111), and Mireia Benito Pellicer (MAT, 131) jumped from the peloton and reached Jelena Eric. The peloton upped the pace and chased them down, leaving Morgane Coston (ARK, 182) in the lead. Shirin Van Anrooij (TFS, 16) and Jeanne Korevaar (LIV, 32) attacked at kilometre 119 and finally caught the French rider. Behind them followed, interspersed, Mireia Benito (MAT, 131). With 12 kilometres to go, the breakaway was 1’20” ahead of the peloton. The breakaway could reach the finish line.

Then came Murgil with its ramps of up to 20%. The breakaway arrived 50″ ahead. The peloton upped the pace to put the leaders in the top positions. At the start of the climb, Shirin Van Anrooij (TFS, 16) was alone in the lead. The main favourites upped the pace and caught Van Anrooij with 8 kilometres to go. All was to be decided among the group of favourites until Demi Vollering, 150 m from the top of Murgil, changed pace and gained 18″ over the other favourites. She managed to maintain the gap with the group until the finish line, thus winning all three stages of the Itzulia Women 2022.

General classification:

  • Overall leader: Demi VOLLERING (SDW, 44)
  • 2nd place: Paulien ROOIJAKKERS (CSR, 86)
  • 3rd place: Kristen FAULKNER (BEX, 25)
  • Mountain leader: Elise CHABBEY (CSR, 83)
  • Leader on points: Demi VOLLERING (SDW, 44)
  • Youth leader: Niamh, FISHER-BLACK (SDW, 41)
  • General team classification: Team DSM
  • Best female Basque rider: Lourdes OYARBIDE (MOV, 5)
  • Combativity: Mireia BENITO (MAT, 131)


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